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Price Is Right

by | 10th, February 2004

‘NO-ONE remembers who came second, but they do remember who came fifth – especially if that person has Jordans as big as Katie Price.

‘You know what they say, ‘From little acorns…”

And in column inches (or acorns, as they are known in the jungle), there is no doubt that Brighton’s most famous amusement ride is the real winner.

She dumped boyfriend Scott Sullivan by text message after leaving the jungle camp before admitting that she had did bed Aussie hunk Peter Andre on the show.

‘Yes, Peter and I did get very intimate,’ she tells the Star. ‘The sexual tension between us was mind-blowing. I fought against it every single minute I was in there, but it was impossible to resist. I wanted him so much, it physically hurt. He’s devastatingly sexy and I had to give in to my urges.’

As we give in to our urges to throw up at this point, Jordan reveals how the two romped under her waterproof blanket, but stopped just before things got too steamy.

‘I’m a mum,’ she said, ‘and wouldn’t want to do anything that would make Harvey ashamed of me when he grows up.’

In which case, if ever a baby was glad to be born blind, it’s Harvey…’

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