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Taking The Bait

by | 11th, February 2004

‘WE leave the sound of Jordan droning on about how David Beckham made a play for her and how Victoria Beckham is a ‘hard-faced little bitch’ to listen in to howls of outrage from elsewhere.

A death trap

They come, we need hardly tell you, from the Mail, more specifically from the mouths of Melanie Phillips and Neil Lyndon.

‘What have we come to when a girl barely out of childhood can have an abortion while her parents are deliberately kept in the dark by doctors?’ asks the former.

‘Damn this namby-pamby prissiness and pettifogging interference,’ demands the latter.

What has got on Lyndon’s goat is not only the news, reported in yesterday’s Anorak, that the Three Wise Men may not have been wise or indeed men, but a ruling by Suffolk County Council outlawing hanging baskets in Bury St Edmunds because they might be dangerous.

It is clearly such an absurd ruling, as there has never been a single problem in the 18 years the baskets have been on display, that one can think of only one reason for it – to annoy the Daily Mail.

And that is a good enough excuse for all manner of namby-pamby prissiness and pettifogging interference in our book.

However, we’ll leave the last word to Lyndon, who describes his Dream Britain – ‘one in which the Church of England would have the bottle to tell its irritating feminists that it couldn’t care less whether they are offended by the fact that the Magi were men’.

And a big Amen to that.’

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