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by | 12th, February 2004

‘A FOURTH series of I’m A Celebrity is apparently already in the planning stage with Bryan McPudding and Kelly Brook two names who have already expressed an interest in taking part.

LIVE! Anorak’s exclusive new Beck-cam

But producers might want to step a couple of rungs up the celebrity ladder and ask a certain Mr David Beckham whether he fancies a fortnight in the jungle.

Not only would it allow him legitimately to get away from Victoria for a few days, but he could also escape the crowds that dog his every move.

The Star has news this morning of how Beckham ‘was crushed by a mob of 800 screaming fans in a terrifying security bungle’ as he arrived for a match in Seville.

The reality, as captured in a front-page picture in the Sun, is somewhat different, but the paper has no doubt that a fan – a bespectacled woman in her twenties – who jumped on the England captain’s back and clung to his neck was ‘crazed’.

‘She could easily have been armed with a knife,’ one onlooker said. ‘It was just luck that she wasn’t.’

The Sun says that even after the players boarded the team bus there was another breach of security – and Beckham is said to be ‘furious’ with Real Madrid.

A girl of ten apparently climbed on board and sat in the seat beside Beckham before she was ejected.

After all, everyone knows that Becks always sits at the back next to Ronaldo.

‘She could easily have been armed with a book or even a puzzle magazine,’ one onlooker said. ‘It was just luck that she wasn’t.”

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