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The Prince & The Poppy

by | 12th, February 2004

‘PRINCE Harry is more of a rugger man himself, but he would surely share David Beckham’s alarm if ever a bespectacled woman jumped on his back.

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If ordinary men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses, then Princes certainly shouldn’t have to get saddled with any four-eyed monsters.

Harry is more at home with a Page 3 stunna by his side or, failing that, a pretty young filly like 21-year-old Camilla Simon.

The Mail says Harry ‘has yet again demonstrated an audacious disregard for the proprieties of royal romance’ by partying with Camilla, whose mother Kate was a sometime mistress of James Hewitt.

There is no evidence to suggest that Harry did more than share a VIP booth with Camilla at London club Boujis, but they are now practically married in the eyes of Fleet Street.

As for Camilla, ‘insiders say she is one of a close-knit group of ‘poppy young things’ who are regulars at the bars which are Harry’s favourites’.

A Boujis source tells the Mail: ‘Harry and his group went straight to one of the booths near the back and joined with another set of poppy types, a lot of them girls.’

Poppy types?! Someone at the Mail’s been smoking too much of it, wethinks.’

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