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Jack Is Back

by | 12th, February 2004

‘AFTER seeing how celebs coped in an untypical 24-hour period, it’s now our turn to spend another day with Jack Bauer.

Jack door

Once again, the hero in the employ of some secretive counter-terrorism organisation in Los Angeles has just 24 hours in which to save swathes of human kind from a grisly end.

Oh, and to rescue his daughter, the essentially blonde Kim, who is once more in peril.

Tonight, we rejoin Jack three years after he last saved the day.

To reveal the plot would be to spoil the suspense that builds from the moment when audiences first hear Jack’s rasping voice.

But one key moment that shocked what remains an archly conservative American audience has the show’s black American President David Palmer kissing his white girlfriend.

Contrary to what many Americans might think, Jack has no need to save either or them. He needs his energies to save the rest of us.’

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