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Kerry’s Sex Shame

by | 13th, February 2004

‘“’DIRTY Tricks’ Claim Over Kerry, Fonda And A Mystery Girl.”

Now with even more realistic lips

So reports this morning’s Mail and it is with a sinking heart that we get ready for the backlash against Queen Of The Jungle and everyone’s favourite ex-Atomic Kitten (at least until the other three break up), Kerry McPadding.

We all know about Kerry’s husband Bryan and his little indiscretion with lapdancer Amy Barker on his stag night, but has Kerry also erred and strayed?

With another woman while listening to a Jane Fonda aerobics tape? No wonder she never got the flat stomach all those sweaty hours in her bedroom demanded.

But, fear not, dear reader, for it’s all a case of mistaken identity – the Kerry in question is an altogether more minor character in life’s pageant, Massachusetts senator and Democratic presidential front-runner John Kerry.

The Mail says President Bush’s supporters have been accused of trying to run a dirty tricks campaign against Kerry, releasing photographs of him sharing an anti-war platform with “Hanoi Jane” Fonda in 1970 and making suggestions of an affair with an intern.

The Drudge Report, the right-wing website that broke the Clinton-Lewinsky story, claims that a mystery woman recently left the US at the behest of Kerry, a married father of two, because the two had a relationship.

The Mail is quick to point out that Matt Drudge has a chequered record of accuracy, but Anorak can confirm not only is the story true but we know the identity of the mystery woman.

Step out of the shadows, Intern Barbie…’

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