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by | 13th, February 2004

‘IF Jordan does decide that acting is her bag, she could ape the career of Pamela Anderson and play a life preserver on a Californian beach.

Sharon does all her own cunning stunts

Or she could follow the career path of Sharon Stone.

Since we have seen most of what Jordan has to offer, a flash of her more hirsute parts as she crosses and uncrosses her legs (possibly behind her head) would surely not be beyond her talents.

But she should be warned that Hollywood is a dog-eat-dog world, something the writer of the movie Basic Instinct and that infamous scene knows all too well.

In his latest book, screenwriter Joe Eszterhas says that to thank him for writing her such a great part, the film’s star, the aforesaid Sharon Stone, seduced him.

“I figured that since I had written the biggest hit of her life for her, she was just saying thank you.”

Which shows good manners on Stone’s part, if not on that of Eszterhas, who says that, by the end of their night together, he felt underpaid.

He goes on to call Stone his “Frankenstein’s monster”, claiming how once they got high on champagne and marijuana and “made embarrassing scenes“ at a restaurant and record store.

Other Eszterhas scenes sure to make us cringe with embarrassment can be seen in Jade, F.I.S.T., Showgirls, and Sliver, the latter reuniting him with the good-tipping Stone.’

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