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Flash Dance

by | 13th, February 2004

‘JORDAN must be licking her lips at the prospect of going to the county that made Pamela Anderson a star but is aghast when Janet Jackson flashes the better part of her right breast.

‘And if you wanna see some more…’

If Jackson can get so much coverage for one little boob, a long gander at Katie Price’s Jordans should send the Americans into a state of frenzy.

But until Jordan records her debut single and performs a duet with Justin Timberlake, we must make do with more of that Jackson flash.

The story now goes that Timberlake had no idea what was about to occur when he tugged on his co-performer’s outfit.

Indeed, many believe that Jackson was the sole architect of this most shocking moment.

“Janet Jackson engineered it,” says MTV’s Chief Executive Tom Freston.

But what we want to know, as the Enquirer too wants to find out, is who engineered that chunk of metal that was revealed to be stuck to Jackson’s proffered nipple.

David Ballow of Pleasure Chest, Hollywood, is the man who knows about such things, and he says that the object was a silver metal nipple ornament that costs around £200.

“Designed to be ornamental, it also increases sexual pleasure because it’s worn on the nipple’s erogenous zone”, he explains.

It also provides a handy talking point for Americans who, deprived of celebrity jungles and Jordans, have to make do with what they can get.’

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