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Kissed off

by | 16th, February 2004

‘WELL done Andrea Sarti and Anna Chen! Anorak is pleased to salute your extraordinary achievement of kissing for 31 hours and 18 minutes this weekend.

‘Close your eyes and think of England’

The Guardian doesn’t explain why you stopped at that particular moment, but presumably it was something to do with the Italy v England rugger game on Sunday.

This is born out by the fact that Ms Chen had to “lie down” – no doubt to recover from the shock of discovering that Jonny Wilkinson wasn’t playing.

Anyway, well done to the plucky Italian lorry driver and his Thai partner, and congratulations on setting what the paper describes as “a new world record in a Valentine’s Day kissing marathon”.

Of course, when put like that, the claim is not strictly true. When it comes to Valentine’s Day records, they have merely equalled the record of Mr and Mrs Reg Smidge of Cheesely. They started at 23.59 hrs on 13 February 1957 and very sensibly stopped at 00.01 hrs on the 15th.

Mr Smidge then ate two Rich Tea biscuits while his wife put her teeth to soak and went to bed.’

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