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Ringing The Changes

by | 16th, February 2004

‘LIVING in Iraq isn’t all milk and honey now that the country has been liberated. Saddam may have gone, but problems remain, and many people face a struggle to survive.

‘Mr President, try holding the phone the other way up…’

Yet above the rioting and gunshots a reassuring sound can be heard: the chorus of a thousand mobile phones greeting the new day.

The Telegraph says that although handsets cost more than £100, thousands have been sold in less than a week, “with government, workers, students and businessmen queuing to sign up”. (And well done for queuing, by the way. If only our own mobile phone users were so civilised.)

“This is Iraq’s first taste of the 21st century,” said an American official. But like all technology, it has proved a mixed blessing.

“I haven’t had a moment’s peace since I got it,” said Mohammed Abdul al-Jamar, a 37-year-old businessman. “My wife keeps dialling me to find out if I’m OK.”

The last thing you need when your battery is running low and you still have six pictures of Nell McAndrew left to download.’

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