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Dress To Impress

by | 16th, February 2004

‘WHAT Duncan Roy is forgetting is that Hurley is so very much more than an accomplished actress and a ravishing beauty – she is a woman in a dress.

‘And the winner for best use of a dead rabbit goes to…’

And if the papers like anything more than photographing such a vision, we have yet to find it, although a vicar in a dress can come close.

So it’s with little surprise that the Express was at the Baftas to see the winners get their gongs and the women wear their gowns.

Alicia Silverstone (“leggy”) is wearing a red dress; Joely Richardson (“slinky”) is clad in an orange number; Renee Zellweger (“radiant”) is in black; and Emma Thomson (“stunning”) is enshrined in a vision of ivory.

The Express even remembers to say who won what, heaping praise on Scarlett Johansson (“dazzling” in a white dress), who won the best actress award for her performance – and dress wearing – in Lost In Translation.

But hang the acting winners, because the Mirror’s 3am Girls were near enough to the action to spot they who came dressed like last year’s Christmas turkey.

And the winner of the worst dress goes to…Helena Bonham Carter, who can be seen doing a passable impression of a depressed emu.

No speech was forthcoming from Helena, but we know she would have most likely thanked her stylist and commiserated with her agonists, who provided some pretty tough competition.’

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