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Evil Twins

by | 18th, February 2004

‘DID silicon do for mild mannered Kate Price what that noxious brew did for Dr Jekyll?

Nice to see the back of Jordan

We ask this on the morning the Star tells us that Jordan is no more. She is an ex-Jordan. For all time from now on in, the woman with the sculptured frontage will be known as “plain” Kate Price.

Jordan has sacked her agent, vowed to stop appearing at “seedy” club gigs before “gangs of lads baying for me to get my tits out” and to clean up her image.

And the reason for this reversion to her true self is her love for Peter Andre – oh, and the chance to make it big in Hollywood.

“He [Andre} told me he’s fallen for Kate, the real me. Not Jordan, the glamour girl I invented. She is gone…dead,” says the performer formerly known as Jordan.

“I’m a Gemini,” says Kate” and I believe there are two different people inside of me.” (Only two?) “Jordan is a slag, slut and bitch. Kate likes to stay at home, curl up in front of the fire and play with her son. While Jordan gets pissed, Kate can stop at a glass of wine.”

Psychologists will have a field day with this confessional, but we wonder if there is a simple explanation for the change. We’d like to review our Jekyll and Hyde theory and replace it with the idea that Jordan is Kate’s evil twin.

Kate and Jordan are not two parts of a fractured single self but two distinct people, one good, one bad.

It’s the kind of thinking that will have screenwriters in Los Angeles scribbling feverishly into the night.

And if they can work in a part, speaking or otherwise, for Kate/Jordan’s other twins, then so much the more sensational…’

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