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Chicken Kebabs

by | 18th, February 2004

‘KATE Price’s Jordans have served her well, earning her acres of newspaper coverage and a few quid.

‘We’re hoping for a Yorkshire terrier’

But now she’s finished with them, perhaps she’d be good enough to lend them to Jade Goody, the former Big Brother housemate.

Sticking with the Star, we lean that the woman who flashed her “kebabs” at a cringing world has noticed her breasts now look like “thin bits of chicken”.

And that’s not what she wants. So she’s contemplating having a boob job, and plans to raise her celebrity assets to a not inconsiderable EE cup size.

After that, Jade will have the chest to go with her child, who gets a mention in the paper, and so be well on her way to ticking all the boxes on her ‘How To Be A Celebrity’ scorecard.

All she needs now is a designer pooch and the world will be her oyster, or shish kebab with extra cheese and curry sauce, should she prefer.

Just look at Victoria Beckham, who, as the Mirror says, has just taken delivery of a £600 Shar-Pei puppy from a Madrid pet shop.

Having bred two children called Brooklyn and Romeo, names that would suit any dog, we note with a lick of the lips how this newest member of the Beckham clan has been dubbed Carlos.

When fully grown, Carlos will stand 20-inches tall in his Anorak Dog Sox, weigh around 55 pounds and lose his wrinkles.

Which suggests that a career in football will be beyond him, although no-one is ruling out Carlos following his mother’s footsteps into pop music.

Well, rumours are that he’s got her voice…’

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