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Light Headed

by | 18th, February 2004

‘SINCE we made the mighty effort to battle our demons and, like Nikki with a double k’s dad, fly to the United States for her wedding to Jonathan Wilkes, we stayed on to follow the couple’s honeymoon in New York.

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It’s rare for anyone other than the bride and groom to go on honeymoon, but this is Jonathan and Nikki with a double k we are dealing with here, and, like them, we have broken the mould.

Instantly, we see the talented pair appearing on Broadway, well, more off off Broadway, near on the river’s edge. There they talk about what it would be like to appear on the famous thoroughfare.

“I want to be on Broadway,” says 25-year-old Wilkes. “I’ve said to myself I’ve got till I’m 30! I’m going to do it!”

For now and the next five years until that 30 year milestone is reached, Wilkes and Nikki with a double k are happy to watch others live out their dream.

“Nikki had never been there before and we went to a show nearly every night,” says Wilkes of their New York experience. “The first night we were there we walked down Broadway and around Times Square with all those lights on. It was so exciting.”

Seeing electricity at work is a full on honeymoon fun fest. And the pair continued their fascination with it when the arrived back at their hotel.

“I spent the first night playing with the electric curtain that divided the suite up, much to Nikki’s irritation,” says Wilkes, who surely meant to say “her amazement”.

But that was then, and now they are back in London, the newlyweds prefer to stay in on an evening.

“Our idea of a good time is being tucked up on the sofa, eating beans on toast and watching a video,” says Wilkes.

And yes, that is one of those awesome new electric videos, although the beans might well have been heated on a gas stove.

Even Wilkes and Nikki with a double k cannot have everything…’

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