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Anyone’s Gest

by | 19th, February 2004

‘AS mysteries go, the Mirror’s one about the identity of the blonde who was “smuggled“ into Justin Timberlake’s post-Brits hotel room cannot be too hard to solve.

Liza could never explain why it was that every time she looked at David she thought of sex

We could ask her or her agent, if she has one.

But the plot thickens in the Mirror, where readers hear how it was not one but two “mystery girls“ who went back to the singer’s room.

This is doubly mysterious, twice as juicy as the Sun’s story, but still as a mystery it doesn’t come close to the puzzler that is David Gest.

The man whose face looks like someone has drawn features with a biro on an inflated pink condom is said by the Express to be on the point of marrying Diana Ross.

Of course, if true, Ross will have to wait until Gest’s divorce from Liz Minnelli is finalised. At which point, he will once more be free to marry.

But as the story goes on we learn that Ross is only a possible bride.

Although she and Gest, apparently, became close after she was stopped for drink driving in 2002 and turned to him for support, he only says the next Mrs Gest will be a “showbiz personality”.

Which means Gest’s next wife could just as easily be Jade Goody, Jordan or Kerry McFadden.

Or a mystery blonde…’

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