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Vice Of An Angel

by | 19th, February 2004

‘THE idea that we need an hour of prime-time TV to discover The Real Charlotte Church is absurd –anyone who has picked up a tabloid newspaper over the past year will have read far more than they need about the teenager with the so-called voice of an angel.

Charlotte’s talent is in the jeans

But the Channel 4 slot that once gave us a programme entitled Liz Hurley’s Brains is not exactly the place to go for serious documentary.

Instead, in tonight’s Fallen Angel expect nothing more than a recap of what from the outside looks like a typical teenager’s life – smoking, drinking, going out with “unsuitable” boys – lived in untypical circumstances.

The excuse for the programme is that Charlotte turns 18 on Sunday and, as has been well documented, she will then have access to the many millions of pounds she has earned through her singing.

How much do we reckon she can blow on booze and fags?’

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