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Afternoon Delights

by | 20th, February 2004

‘TONIGHT’S episode of Friends is the one where Ross plays a spineless wonder.

The one where we don’t laugh

Joey acts like an unconvincing actor, Rachel flicks her hair, Phoebe says something to suggest the network’s drugs policy is not all it should be, Chandler fears he’s a homosexual and Monica cleans.

Ooops! Our mistake, that was every other week’s show. Tonight’s instalment is very different because Ross is also chinless.

The advice for anyone wishing to see something funny is to watch Paramount, the cable channel, at 1:30 each weekday afternoon.

This is the Seinfeld half hour, and it is everything that Friends is not: it is funny.

It is funny in the way that things are funny in everyday life. It is the show that is famously about nothing.

Friends is the show about nothingness.’

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