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Spud U Don’t Like

by | 20th, February 2004

‘“IT takes a certain genius to make a truly awful film,” says James Christopher, the Times’ film critic.

Out of the fire and into the deep-fat frying pan

If he is right, then Britain must be a nation of geniuses, such is our glorious celluloid tradition.

We haven’t seen Sex Lives of the Potato Men, a new movie funded by lottery money and starring Johnny Vegas, but we are prepared to take Christopher’s word for it that it isn’t likely to be winning any Oscars.

Suffice to say that it is a “sex comedy” set in Walsall.

“I haven’t seen a film quite so bad since Rancid Aluminium,” he says. Note the “quite” in that sentence, suggesting that this has achieved the near-impossible feat of actually being worse.

It also means, ergo, that it is worse than Shoreditch, which at least had some entertainment value, in that it allowed the papers to run gloating stories about the amount of money Shane Ritchie had lost by investing in it.

Indeed, so bad is Potato Men that the paper devotes two articles and a leader to the subject, and reports that there was “a genuine air of shock” at the press screening.

The tax break that allowed the film to be made ends in July next year. But connoisseurs of crap will be delighted to hear that the Government is planning “a new system of tax-based initiatives”.

In an age when tradition seems to count for less and less, it’s good to know that we can look forward to the worst of British for some time to come.’

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