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Coming Of Age

by | 20th, February 2004

‘WHEN tabloid newspapers count down towards a girl’s birthday, it’s usually a tease towards her 16th and with it the legal chance to show her naked chest.

‘Everybody say, tongue!’

But Charlotte Church was ever a breed apart, and although in the past we have been invited to ogle her backside during her reign as Rear of The Year, the prelude to her 18th birthday is a less lewd event.

The Mirror, which interviews the singer on the eve of her move into adulthood, wants her to bare only her soul and talk about her cash.

“It [the money] will stay in the trust fund until I learn the value of money,” says she, “and maybe that will take another 50 years.”

This must be a great disappointment to the paper, if not all the papers, which have been licking their lips at the thought of Charlotte getting her mitts on all that lucre.

But just say she did get all that cash, what would she buy? “A £1 million ruby-studded bra,” she replies cheekily.

And what would you buy if you had loads of money? The ruby-studded bra might be a fantasy, but it is surely a better option than the gift Jennifer Aniston bestowed on her husband.

The Star has it that for Brad Pitt’s 40th birthday his wife flew in Jamie Oliver to cook for him. She also flew in Jools, Jamie’s wife, which led to a perfect foursome at dinner and much bonding.

The result is that the four are now firm pals and Jen is happy to be seen out in public with the Olivers now she’s in town to promote her latest movie.

But all might not be so pukka since Brad is nowhere to be seen. Perhaps he’s at home, clad in a red shimmering bra and tucking into Oliver’s signature dish: a large mouthful of tongue?’

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