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In The Brown Stuff

by | 20th, February 2004


‘Aw! But I wanted a brown bay-bee’

As headlines go that is right up other with the best of them. But what is the story behind the legend that screams out from the front of the Star.

As the Pope might say, it is as it was, and we read in slack-jawed horror that Posh, our Posh, has been involved in a truly terrible incident.

While spraying on the fake tan in her Hertfordshire home, Posh became light headed from the fumes and passed out on her kitchen floor into a pile of dirty newspapers.

“Victoria was in her underwear and standing on a lot of old newspapers to prevent the colour from running,” says an unnamed source.

“After two minutes there was a really nasty smell in the room and Victoria suddenly went weak at the knees and fell over.”

The result is that Posh felt dizzy for the rest of the day, which she spent with one brown leg that already been coloured in and one white one.

But not to worry, because Posh is a game bird and the Star says that she plans to get back on the proverbial horse. Next month she’s to have a £17,000 spraying machine installed in her home in Madrid.

And for that money, it might do more colours than the usual seven shades of brown. What price a sunset yellow Posh with white trim?’

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