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Like A Virgin

by | 20th, February 2004

‘WHEN Prozac is not to hand and the gin lake has run dry, a good Hollywood star will turn to God.

‘Have I been a naughty girl, Mr. Jesus’

If it’s not Mel Gibson recasting his version of the Bible in glorious (surely gorious) technicoluor, it’s Britney Spears popping into a church to reaffirm her links with Christianity.

Like that other famous virginal rocker Cliff Richard, Britney has been born again.

The Enquirer looks on aghast as the singer walks up the aisle at the Great Western Forum in Inglewood, California, and returns to the ways of the righteous in front of the Faithful Central Bible Church’s congregation.

Last time Britney sauntered down an aisle, it was a conveyer belt taking her towards a Las Vegas quickie wedding to one Jason Alexander.

This time she ended a two-hour long service, one in which she hugged her father and wept real tears of something or other, with an altogether more sober journey.

When the pastor invited anyone there present who wanted to reconnect with Jesus Christ to step forward, Britney wandered up the aisle arm-in-arm with her dear old dad.

One brief tap on the shoulder later and Britney was reborn as Britney II, the Britney with improved morals, a spiritual clean bill of health and, who knows, perhaps her famed virginity once more intact.’

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