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Spot The Dog

by | 23rd, February 2004

‘SUCH is the Bush clan’s love of repetition that the demise of Spot, the White House dog, will surely be followed by the arrival of a new Spot, slightly shorter and more stupid than the first, but just as obedient and spotty.

Did Spot know too much?

But before new Spot can arrive, we, like the Times, must wave a sad adieu to old Spot, the dog the current President Bush called a “great runner“ and a “great water dog”.

Spot was a marine of a dog, and the entire Bush family is deeply saddened by his passing.

And since old Spot was an English springer spaniel – and so further evidence of the special relationship that exists between we islanders and the American mainland – we too must grieve a while.

But we quickly grow angry and demand to know why this loyal pooch is now dead? Is he the victim of the war on terror? Did he choke on a pretzel?

The answer is no and no again. Spot was put to sleep by a vet under the direction of his owners.

The story, which also appears in the Independent, says that Spot suffered a series of strokes and in light of his 15 years of being and diminishing vitality was put down.

But we are not without our suspicions, and if there‘s one thing we’ve learnt from the mire that is Iraq, it is that we can take nothing at face value.

We have duly dispatched a former BBC correspondent to Niger to investigate further and have asked a Ministry of Defence vet to do likewise.

Their findings will be made available on the Internet very soon…’

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