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Piss Taking

by | 23rd, February 2004

‘GIVEN the average 15-year-old’s desperation to appear cool before his peers, news that one in three 15-year-old claims to have taken illegal drugs at least once seems a low number.

Rex found nothing of any substance in the entire school

But the Government has seen the bald statistic and decided that it must act. So Tony Blair plans to introduce random drug-testing in schools, as the Times reports.

What form these tests will take is not mentioned, but, as is the way with the Government’s drive to make every schoolchild pass everything, they will be easy and, very likely, multiple choice with a home-study element.

But, even so, the teaching profession is not excited at the prospect of sniffer dogs in the classroom.

John Dunford, general secretary of the Secondary Heads Association, is not sure about the link between drugs taking and schools.

“It [drug testing] is something that would change the atmosphere in schools, would change the relationship between the school and the pupil,” he says.

And that’s if the pupils who take drugs go to school anymore, what with the ever-present risk of being tested.

After all, taking the piss out of the teachers is one thing, but to have your urine extracted by them and then held under a microscope is something else entirely.’

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