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by | 23rd, February 2004

‘OUT of sight, out of mind. That’s what they say. But then again, there’s always an exception that proves the rule, and the exception is, of course, the national soap opera that is Posh’n’Becks.

Day-vid was sure he’d buried Posh somewhere – but where?

Anyone who thought that the pair’s move to Spain would see their viewing figures go the same way as Eldorado (ask your mother) could not have been more wrong.

Today both the Sun and the Mirror devote large amounts of space to the news that the pair took their kids to the seaside.

Not just any old seaside, mind you. This was the Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol – popular with the British hoi poloi, according to the papers, and a far cry from the kind of exclusive hot-spots they are supposed to haunt.

“David and Posh rough it on litter-strewn beach” says the Mirror. “No frills for family trip to Costa beach,” agrees the Sun. No offence to any of their readers who might be in the habit of visiting, it goes without saying.

Both papers report that the pair had a great time, thrilled the locals, etc. But the Sun, as ever, supplies that extra piece of information that adds value to the story.

“Wife Posh took OFF her shoes to stroll on the sand,” it reports. “But Becks kept his trainers ON and got too close to the sea with ponytailed Romeo, 18 months.”

But before you get worried, that means that he got too close to the sea for the safety of his pristine shoes. And the ponytailed Romeo was his infant son.’

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