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Neither Use Nor Ornament?

by | 23rd, February 2004

‘VICTORIA BECKHAM is in the news not once, but twice today. Normally this would please her, as she reads the papers that have been flown in and ironed for her perusal.

Less talented than Fergie

She will be less pleased by the second story, though.

The Star (which also covers the seaside trip) says that the “stroppy pop diva” is “furious” that she hasn’t been invited to a Buckingham Palace bash to honour Britain’s most successful women.

Kate Moss, Cherie Blair, Judi Dench, Twiggy and Heather Mills will be there, but not “the high-profile wife of England’s football captain” – as the Star helpfully describes her, for the benefit of anyone readers who have already forgotten who she is after reading the aforesaid seaside story.

“Pals say that although Posh has kept silent she has had her pride dented by the royal snub,” reports Chris Pragnall.

Meanwhile “palace insiders” tell the intrepid reporter that it’s all down to the Queen’s secretary Samantha Cohen, who drew up the guest list.

Asked why Posh didn’t make the list of 200, the Australian arbiter was defiant.

“On what grounds would she be going?” she riposted. “Being rich is not enough. These are people who are outstanding in their field or have been icons who have made a contribution in some way.’

And the Queen will be there because she is appointed by God.’

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