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by | 23rd, February 2004

‘ONE can understand why a foolish young chancer might want to impersonate a footballer. The bar bills might be expensive, but if there’s a roasting in the offing, he might consider it worth the expense.

Mason couldn’t score in a Conservative club

The case of Bournemouth pensioner Bob Mason is harder to fathom. Bob wisely decided not to try and pass himself as David Beckham or Thierry Henry, opting instead for his namesake Bobby Mason, who won FA Cup medals with Wolves in the 1950s.

And rather than go out on the pull in glamorous West End hotspots, he settled for “pats on the back and a few free drinks from admiring fellow members of his local Conservative club”.

But the Star reports that Bob was unmasked when he handed over a charity cheque while posing as his old hero.

The real Bobby was shown the article – and travelled 200 miles to confront the impostor.

He has said it won’t happen again,” said the real Mason. Nonetheless, we advise all Anorak readers to demand proof of identity when former footballers offer their services, propose marriage, or simply ask for a glass of water.’

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