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Gooners On Manoeuvres

by | 24th, February 2004

‘ARSENAL fans must be pinching themselves this morning, before lighting a long panatela cigarette and giving a little skip of joy.

Gordon’s eyes have seen the glory

Last year’s claim that the balance of power had shifted from Old Trafford to Highbury now looks less like wishful thinking than ever as the Express reveals the new approved Arsenal stadium.

After four years of wrangling over the move from Highbury to Ashburton Grove, the paper says that the go ahead has finally been given.

At the start of season 2006-2007, the Gunners will up sticks and decamp to their 60,000 state-of-the-art stadium.

The even better news is that Arsene Wenger, who, speaking in the Independent, claims to have enabled Arsenal to punch above their through “lucky findings, lucky buys”, is going to stay on until at least 2007.

But the Gunners are not the only ones thinking bigger, as the Mail leads with news of Chelsea. “Anything you can do,” says the headline.

The story is that while Arsenal look to 60,000, Chelsea are ready to expand their stadium to 55,000, thus providing a further 13,000 seats for all their new players and their wives.

As such, the Mail’s headline that solicits the response “…we can do better”, when seen in light of the story, invites the less usual, “…we can throw money at but not do as well”.

But while two parts of London attempt to catch up with one part of Manchester, not all is well with the Old Trafford club.

Ruud Van Nistelrooy breaks the silence in the Express, and admits that the club are missing the services of David Beckham.

“Becks is missed here as a player and a person,” says the Bafta-nominated footballer.

He goes onto praise the England captain, complimenting him on his successful move to Spain, something the Dutchman says “isn’t easy”.

Beckham has indeed made his transfer a success, and it’s hard to contend with the notion that United are the poorer without him.

As are Spurs without Bill Nicholson. But, then, this is Tottenham, and, as such, they are always on the verge of greatness.

And the new man in the frame to lead them back on the glory, glory trail is…Gordon Strachan.

The Sun says that the Scot is the “shock new contender” to take over at Spurs. The 47-year-old coach has, apparently, told friends that he has been offered the post at Spurs.

And if he takes the job, we wish him the best of luck. It won’t be easy working alongside Giovanni Trappatoni, Raddy Antic and Roberto Mancini, but if one man can make it work, it’s Strachan…’

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