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Blues Are The Colours

by | 24th, February 2004

‘YOU cannot but help feel a pang of sympathy for the migrants that come here having been fed a diet of a Britain of tipped caps, fine manners and good grace.

Ahmed, Yuri and the gang arrive safely in London after 15 days on the high seas

Like the Ethiopian Falashas who wept when they realised that Israel was not actually flowing with milk and honey, the asylum-seekers and migrants who come here must be disappointed at what they find.

Especially if they are part of the estimated 400 million fans who tuned into watch last year’s Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race, a happening the Times calls “one of sport’s most prestigious events”.

But even this meeting of American students, tiny men with loud hailers and they who dare to wear brown in town is not immune from change, and, as the Times says, this year’s 150th race will be the last to be broadcast on the BBC.

The even worse news is that the event will be shown on ITV, a tawdry commercial operation, which has secured the rights to this wonderful sporting occasion (it says here) for £1.75 million.

This is clearly very wrong, and we will not be watching this dumbing-down of our Boat Race.

We will be doing as we have always done and watching the sport outside the Arding & Hobbs department store in London’s south-west.

We expect others to do the same, to cheer as the flags – one dark blue one lighter blue – are hoisted up and down poles to signify the state of play.

We will then decamp to a local hostelry for warm pints of foaming ale and hearty meals of braised faggots with custard.

Failing that, a gallon of alcopop and a kebab…’

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