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Jordan Bust-Up

by | 24th, February 2004

‘HOLD the front Page! And hold it tight, because it weighs a ton!!

Luckily for Jordan, the scars soon faded

Yes, Jordan’s on the front of the Star again, for the 1,578th day running. And when we say front, we mean it.

For not only are the famous 32FF Zeppelins on display, but she is demonstrating the other kind of front that has brought her fame and fortune: the sheer brass neck that enables her to use the national press as a daily bulletin board for her not-so-private feud with Victoria Beckham.

Yesterday, Anorak brought you news of how Posh was furious at being “snubbed” by the organisers of a bash for the top 200 British female icons.

This probably brought a smile to Katie’s face, but she would not be so stupid as to attack her on such disadvantageous terrain.

Instead, she has decided to stick to familiar territory, as the Star’s headline makes clear.

“JORDAN: POSH’S BOOBS ARE FAKE,” it announces. Adding: “I know… I’ve seen ‘em out.”

The exclusive story reveals how the two icons compared assets in the toilet of a Chinese restaurant (as you do), and Katie says that Posh has had them done “the American way – the stuck-on look”.

We are prepared to take her word for it. But Victoria’s recent trip to a cut-price Spanish beach proves that even if she is stuck-on, she’s certainly not stuck-up.

Don’t bother telling Jordan that, though. “She’s a conniving little cow,” said the pneumatic model with a hiss which appeared to come from an area just below her chin.’

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