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Filth On The Box

by | 25th, February 2004

‘ONE reality TV show that we trust will be Jordan-free is Channel 4’s latest offering.

‘It’s pants’

Filming starts this week on Too Posh to Wash, a programme described by the Star with typical delicacy as being “based on viewers’ dirty underpants”.

It is a spin-off – and presumably a hot-wash too – from How Clean is Your House? and will be fronted once more by Kim Woodburn and Aggie McKenzie.

Ads were placed to recruit dirty people, and viewers were encouraged to nominate people with hygiene problems, eg, those who “recycle their underwear on a regular basis”.

Or, presumably, those unenlightened types who eschew recycling altogether, and literally stick to one pair.

The paper says that the show has already been labelled “a disgrace”, but producer Steph Harris side-stepped the accusations by explaining that it isn’t reality TV at all. She prefers to call it “a presenter-led documentary”.

Media Watch chairman John Beyer predictably criticised the idea, but for once the words of his heroine Mary Whitehouse ring true.

“Last night we sat down to watch television as a family,” she famously told a rally of right-minded folk back in the 1960s. “It was the filthiest programme I have seen in a very long time.”

She must be spinning in her grave.’

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