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Life’s A Beach

by | 25th, February 2004

‘IF THE dirty-underpants show gets the go-ahead, then Kim and Aggie’s efforts will at least provide some relief for the police force.

Not that we are suggesting that the boys in blue are dirty and smelly, you understand. It’s just that they already have their work cut out dealing with other people’s filth.

“4 COP CARS IN DOG POO QUIZ,” announces the Sun intriguingly – but it’s not talking about a new TV game show.

The story relates to an incident at Instow in Devon, when police were called to sort out a row over a small turd on a beach.

The suspect was Molly, a Jack Russell belonging to Camilla Sharpe. Sharpe was confronted by a dog warden, whereupon she explained that she hadn’t realised what her dog her done and offered to pick it up.

This wasn’t good enough for the warden, who told her to sign a form admitting that her dog had fouled the sand.

Soon the police were on their way, and immediately sided with the jack-booted warden, who had by now staked out the crime scene with bamboo. Mrs Sharpe was forced to sign the form, and received an on-the-spot fine of £50.

“It was such a tiny poo,” she told the Daily Mail. “I couldn’t believe the over-reaction.”

Instead of complaining, we at Anorak suggest that Mrs Sharpe reflects upon her actions, and considers herself lucky that she is not doing this reflection in a prison cell.’

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