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We Could Eat Heroes

by | 26th, February 2004

‘RICK Stein is like someone’s trendy dad. Or rather, he is like someone’s dad who is tying hard to be trendy.

‘No, I think cod is whiter than haddock…’

You can imagine being a young boy in Rick’s care – and do call him Rick – being taken out with what Rick calls the “gang” to talk about girls and life today.

You’d come to realise that Rick’s trick for getting the ladies into the sack must be to bore the pants off them. It’s a skill he’s been trying to educate us in for too long now.

Although, take care because Rick might just as easily bore them and you to death, and that is not good at all, unless you are a German cannibal.

But tonight Rick takes things down a notch when he talks about the dumping of monkfish on the Cornish coast.

As part of his syrupy-entitled Rick Stein’s Food Heroes, Rick also shows us how much he enjoys eating prawns.

Prawns are one of Rick’s hero foods, although they are less likely to save you than they are to make you feel queasy.

As such, they are not a bit unlike Rick, only more pink…’

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