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Doggy Styled

by | 26th, February 2004

‘SUCH as Posh’s new hair extensions.

Hair by Rex

“Don’t give me hair like that DOG Jordan!” reads the Sun’s front page, upon the news of “POSH’S NEW OUTBURST”.

“POSH GETS 16 INCHES,” screams page 4, under a banner that warns: “WATCH OUT JORDAN, VICTORIA’S HAD A BIG HAIR DAY.”

Trouble started when Mrs Beckham spent £1,300 on highlights and extensions at “the same North London salon used by the 25-year-old glamour model”.

A strange choice, you might think, and one that puts salon boss Angelo Georghiou in a somewhat invidious position. But he remained calm under pressure.

“We know exactly what Jordan’s hair is like as we style hers as well,” he said diplomatically.

But for how much longer?’

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