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Looking For Leeds

by | 27th, February 2004

‘ONE new arrival who will not be attending a new citizenship ceremony is Dalbir Jhol from Singapore.

Leeds folk have never seen anything like it

The 30-year-old did not arrive in Britain by li-lo or in the back of a Dutch truck, but on his bike.

The Times says that by the time Jhol had arrived in Blighty, he had been on his Honda Dominator for ten months and covered 17,500 miles.

He had passed though the cities of Malaysia and Thailand, negotiated the roads of India, crossed Nepalese mountains and picked his way through war-torn Afghanistan and Iranian deserts.

And then he parked his bike in Leeds. And that was the last time he saw it. It has been stolen.

The bike has a red and black sheepskin seat and Singapore number plates. So if you see it, let him now.

But if Johl doesn’t get it back soon he still plans to continue his journey and will be walking to Newcastle.

Once there, he would be well advised not to remove his shoes for fear of a repeat of the Leeds incident or their being swapped for a pair of hobnail clogs…’

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