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Prince Among Men

by | 1st, March 2004

‘WE had never thought of Prince Edward as a champion of women’s equality – until now.

‘Eddie’s a real brick’

Whereas other less progressive men would leap forward to help a damsel in distress, Edward knows when to hang back.

So when Sophie Wessex, his wife, pulled a muscle while skiing and was reduced to walking with crutches, Edward knew what to do and, vitally, what not to do.

The Express looks on as Sophie puts a metal limb onto the steps as she boards the private jet that will bring the couple home from a well-earned break in St Moritz.

And it notes how Edward picks up a small manbag-style case and steps back.

He knows not to fuss and pander to his wife, who sees the steps not as a way to break her neck but as a challenge, as Tenzing and Hilary once viewed Everest.

But even with Eddie’s lesson in love, ways take time to change and leaping from the Royal pack came a middle-aged man, who dashed up the steps to get in Sophie’s way.

Graciously, proud Sophie accepted the offer of help (how she must have seethed within) and then looked on as the same male chauvinist pig dashed back down the steps to fetch her daughter, Lady Louise.

It was then time for Eddie to make the climb, and once aboard the aircraft to educate the old throwback in the ways of the modern world.’

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