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Several Pints And One Short

by | 2nd, March 2004

‘THE Mirror reports that Clare Short was so drunk that she abused the police when they asked to see her security pass at the Labour party conference.

‘But a Samaritan, as he travelled, came where the woman was…’

‘She was p***ed out of her head and screaming and shouting,’ said the high-ranking officer who dealt with the case, and was ‘a hair’s breadth’ from being arrested.

In the end, she only escaped prosecution thanks to the intervention of a former homeless person with a heart of gold, who wrote to the police to asked them to have mercy on poor Clare.

That man was Tony Blair, and paper said that the incident happened at the Labour Party conference.

But that was quite a while ago, wasn’t it? Indeed so. In fact, this wasn’t even the most recent conference. It happened in 1997.

So why is it in the papers? Well, Tony Blair obviously didn’t want it to get out that Short had embarrassed herself, or he wouldn’t have helped her in the first place. And the story has been sat on for nearly seven years.

But now Tony and Clare don’t seem to get on any more, and suddenly the story appears prominently on Page 2 of Labour’s most loyal newspaper.

It’s a mystery all right, and one to which we will probably never know the answer.’

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