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Named And Shamed

by | 2nd, March 2004

‘RIGHT, hands up anyone called Cheese! Thank you. Now, would you all go and stand over there, please. That’s great.

‘Anyone up for a roasting?’

OK, hands up anyone called Onion! Great! Now, if you could all go and stand next to the Cheeses, that would be lovely.

Now, how would you like to go and make idiots of yourselves by attending a giant party to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Walkers’ cheese-and-onion flavour crisps?

You would? Great! It’s this Friday, and the venue is Leicester City’s football stadium.

But a word of advice to anyone thinking of attending. If you stop in any car parks in the Midlands area and a gentleman suggests that you get together in a sandwich, just say ‘no’.

He’s probably got his dates mixed up and mistaken you for the Roasts and Chickens.’

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