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The Bees’ Knees

by | 2nd, March 2004

‘OKAY, so here’s a surprise – Maximillion Deveraux got bullied at school. Even if his parents had called him Bully Me, it is hard to believe he would have got more hassle from the bigger boys than he did with a name like Maximillion.

‘Ledley King to Queen’s Bishop Three’

Anyway, the result of all this bullying means that Max – a bachelor from rural Herefordshire – is now so painfully introverted that he gets probably gets shy in front of his chess computer.

Not too shy, however, that he didn’t agree to appear as the subject on tonight’s final part of Channel 4’s Faking It series with the task of trying to pass himself off as a football manager.

Max should have the tactical side of the game sewn up – he’s a former professional chess player and has seven A-levels to his name (which says all you need to know about his social life).

But can he pass himself off as the Arsene Wenger of Brentford? Do I not think so, as all the best bosses say…’

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