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Love Is…

by | 3rd, March 2004

‘ANY bride who was eight months pregnant when she was ditched four days before her wedding by text message from her gutless fiancé would be forgiven for feeling a little sorry for herself and maybe even shedding a tear or two.

Not Alison Innes, of Arbroath in Scotland. She used the time more profitably than that and managed to find a new fiancé – 18-year-old ex-boyfriend Daniel Innes – to take the place of the pathetic Peter Knight.

Unemployed Daniel, who had gone out with Alison, 20, for four months last year, had heard of her plight and immediately volunteered his services as a replacement.

It took her just 48 hours to decide to go ahead and marry unemployed Daniel. Invitations were changed and a different size kilt ordered.

This is not the first time the course of true love has proved a bit bumpy for Alison – last year she found her first husband, 21-year-old George Greenhowe, in bed with her 44-year-old mum Pat, but forgave them enough to appear as a bridesmaid at their wedding.

As for the father of the unborn child, Alison isn’t quite sure. It could be Mr Knight, it could be Daniel Innes…or it could be his brother John.’

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