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Evans Above!

by | 3rd, March 2004

‘PAUL seems to have developed a bizarre desire to turn himself into the late Barry Evans (right down to the Ratners jewellery).

‘Twenty quid on Pat at 3-1 on’

Not content with sleeping with one of his wives, Paul has now turned his attention to the other: Natalie. Even by EastEnders’ standards, it’s an odd pairing – but when has characterization ever got in the way of a random storyline?

Paul has been helping to look after Jack after Barry’s death and has got close to Natalie, even sharing a couple of snogs in the Vic (who says romance is dead?). Janine accused him of using Natalie to make him feel better about his part in Barry’s death, so Paul’s started to back off.

“I can’t work out what’s going on,” Natalie told him. “This is all so weird.” Tell it to the scriptwriters.

Another bizarre new coupling is Vicki and Ash. Clearly, the scriptwriters have no idea what to do with these two pointless characters so have decided to put them together. Unfortunately two planks of wood don’t make a plot: although they can make a very handy coffee table.

Ash and Vicki have got close after he talked her down from jumping off a bridge when she was drunk.

Vicki had found out about Sharon and Dennis’ sleeping together and understandably she felt repulsed by the whole thing. After talking her down, Vicki ‘rewarded’ Ash with a kiss (he’d have probably preferred a box of Roses) – and now Ash is teaching Vicky all he knows about gambling.

As Ash is a bankrupt, it’s probably not going to take too long.

Elsewhere in The Square, the Tariq-Ronnie kidney op storyline continues to grind out. They’ve both recovered from their operations (unfortunately) and the family have offered to let Tariq move in as thanks for saving their brother’s life.

The good news, however, is that, with all of them under one roof now, all it’s going to take is one well-packed letter bomb.

In another equally bizarre and pointless storyline, Mo and Pat have decided to have a dieting contest to see who can lose the most amount of weight. Surely Pat has an unfair advantage – all she’s got to do is take off her earrings and she’d be a good stone lighter.’

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