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Ronald McDonald Downsized

by | 4th, March 2004

‘YEARS ago, the height of gluttony was to go into McDonalds and order a Big Mac, large fries and perhaps even a thick shake.

‘Crash cart! He’s gone into McCardiac arrest’

No longer – these days, a Big Mac is considered finger food, a mere canapé to whet our appetites for the serious eating ahead.

The quarter-pounder has been left behind by the half-pounder, which has itself been eclipsed by the six-pounder. The Big Mac has spawned the Bigger Mac, the Biggest Mac, the Mega-Double-Biggest Mac and finally the McCow In A Bun.

But all that is coming to an end. As studies show that, if we keep on eating at our current rate, we will collectively explode some time in 2017, McDonalds has announced that it is to take supersize portions off the menu.

The Telegraph says the timing of the announcement by the world’s biggest fast-food chain has prompted suggestions that it is driven by McDonald’s desire to avert legislation.

A similar announcement was made in the US in December and the decision to extend it to the UK came on the day the Government announced plans for a national consultation on public health to tackle problems like obesity.

But McDonalds claims it was a business decision.

‘Supersizing does not in itself cause obesity,’ a spokeswoman tells the Telegraph, adding that the company would announce a new menu range next week.

‘It will fit nicely alongside all the things we have introduced over the last 18 months, such as fruit bags, low-fat yoghurt and semi-skimmed organic milk.’

Not to mention the McClogged Arteries Burger, the McCholesterol Shake and the McCardiac Arrest Happy Meal.’

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