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by | 4th, March 2004

‘WE now know what Prince Harry will be like when he grows up.

‘The great thing about black is that it goes with everything’

He will travel the globe, dance with movie stars and sunbathe on the decks of yachts with the scions of wealthy businessmen and grocery store owners.

He will take a keen interest in sport (and those who play it), shop until he drops at department stores and tell his innermost fears to a portly butler.

And he will do this while wearing a succession of meringue-like evening gowns, two-piece cerise pink suits and a smile that says vulnerable yet sexy.

You see, as the Sun remarks, Harry is ‘JUST LIKE MUM’. He may well be just like his dad as well, but it’s safest to stick with what we know for sure, and that is what the Sun tells us.

In stage one of Harry’s metamorphosis into his mum, he’s in southern Africa befriending the desperate and needy, who, as luck has it, come in the neat shape of attractive black children, accessories that went with many of Diana’s famous outfits.

The little black number snapped holding Harry’s hand is called Matsu, who became orphaned when his parents succumbed to the voracious AIDS virus.

‘He wants to learn more about the AIDS problem,’ explains a spokesperson for Clarence House. ‘He wants to see what work is being done and tackle it.’

While this is indeed a noble pursuit for a young lad to undertake, it is deemed newsworthy because, as the Express says, it ‘follows in Diana’s footsteps’.

‘The royal {Harry] launched a crusade to confront the horrors of Aids [sic] in Africa by cuddling and playing with children who have lost their parents to the disease,’ says the paper.

This is undeniably behaviour in the mould of Diana, whose selfless work in the medical world made many a patient feel warm and fuzzy for a few seconds.

Anyone who wants to see Diana’s selfless crusade to save the sick and black can consult the many photographs of her going about her hugging.

If you want to see Harry’s campaign and what a terrific bloke he is, you can look at today’s press…’

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