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Kiss The Bride

by | 4th, March 2004

‘WHILE the rebranding of Prince Harry moves on apace, taking him far away from Hooray Harry, The Playboy Prince to Charity Work Harry, others plan to be made anew.

The Dwights

And they are David Furnish and Elton John, who hope to be the Furnish-Johns or John-Furnishes or Soft-Furnishings just as soon as they are able.

The Express brings news that Elton plans to marry his lover when the law in the UK alters to allow same-sex marriages (they are both male).

‘We’re definitely going to do it when it gets passed,’ says John, the would-be groom or bride. ‘I would like to commit myself to David. I already have in my mind anyway.’

The Civil Partnership Bill is expected to become law sometime next year, and will mean that gay couples will enjoy the same rights as married ones.

Something Elton knows all about thanks to his first marriage to one Renate Blauel (female) in 1984, which hit the skids sometime in, er, 1984.

But back then, as the Star says, the world was a different place and Elton was not friendly with the likes of David and Victoria Beckham.

And if any married couple can inspire John and Furnish to make a go at things, it’s those two. Say it after us, Elton: ‘Day-vid, I love you. You are my rock. You are my meal ticket. You are my career.’

Of course, John and Furnish don’t have to use our words, and ever the lyricist we are sure Elton can pen some great vows for the occasion.


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