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Daughter, Daughter Everywhere

by | 5th, March 2004

‘AFTER voyeurism of the worst sort, in which Diana continues to speak from the grave (or that flat above Paul Burrell’s florist shop) like a well-manicured ghoul, it’s time to see that else is being caught on camera.

By Royal Appointment

And by fluke it is none other than the Purveyor of Home Videos by Royal Appointment, Kirsty Gallacher.

The Sun has a nice shot of the Queen’s favourite presenter looking fit and ready for action in her new sports bra.

Plucky Kirsty also makes it onto the front cover of the Star, where it’s a hearty “Bra-vo for Kirsty”.

Her Majesty must be delighted to see that Kirsty is finally being given the space her talents deserve.

And those talents extend to her being the daughter of a famous sportsman (her father Bernard played Ryder Cup golf), an achievement that takes in hundreds of other daughter/presenters.

Among them is Gabby Logan, nee Yorath, whose father Terry played professional football, and who now presents, like Kirsty, programmes on the television.

Gabby fronts a show called The Premiership, a hard-edged investigative broadcast where the movements of suspected sexual felons and their associates are picked over in minute detail.

Exposure to such lowlife can get to a girl, so she’s headed off to the Caribbean for some rest and relaxation, in a bikini.

The Express has a short of Gabby in her black two-piece, and produces another picture that stirs memories of another lithe blonde who was so at home beneath the winter sun.

Her name was Diana, and although her father was no top-flight sportsman, he like his daughter, did like to play a round.’

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