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by | 8th, March 2004

‘FORGET Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden and those other shadowy purveyors of terror to the world, it’s time to attack CO2 emissions with all our might.

Sir David King: Last seen in Oxfordshire

Sir David King, the Prime Minister’s chief scientist, says that climate change is the “most severe problem we are facing today, more serious even than the threat of terrorism”.

Rather than blowing up vast tracts of Iraqi sand and laying waste to mountains in Afghanistan, George Bush should concern himself with the state of the planet. (Note to Bush: that’s Earth, not Mars).

The scientist did not share his thoughts with the BBC or claim that we will all be dead in 45 minutes if we do not change to unleaded lawn mowers, but put his views in an American science magazine.

Even so, he has still been shut up by the powers that be.

The Independent says that King was gagged for his comments, which are seen as an attack on Bush. Ivan Rogers, Tony Blair’s principal private secretary, told King to not be overly loquacious with the media.

In a leaked memo, Rogers ordered King not to grant any interviews with British and American newspapers, and, of course, the Government’s bugbear, BBC 4’s Today programme.

A discussion on the threat of global warming and such like, does not, in Roger’s opinion, “help us achieve our wider policy aims ahead of our G8 presidency [next year]”.

Those aims are for another time, but for now let’s just learn that King’s views are supported by UN weapons inspector Hans Blix (“I think we still overestimate the danger of terror. There are other things that are of equal, if not greater, magnitude, like the environmental global risks”) and the Independent’s story that one in eight of the world’s birds is facing extinction.

Of course, the remedy is simple: you just put all the CFCs and nasties in a hole in the desert and, when Bush tells you to, you bomb them.’

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