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by | 8th, March 2004

‘WHEN Posh and Jordan have finished their fight to the death, and Becks has slaughtered Peter Andre in a duel and then fallen on his own sword, who will be top of the celebrity pyre?

Well, if she was the last woman on earth…

Yes, it is a stupid question, because while Vickys will come and Kaities will go, there will always be a Carol Smillie, so long as a board of MDF needs painting.

Removing herself entirely from the line of fire, Carol has decamped to Disneyland Paris with her husband, Alex, and children, Gloss, Satin and Matt.

Or is it Carol, because not so long ago the woman with the teeth that say “Look out!” was dressed up as a man called Jeff for her part in a TV show called Gender Swap.

Jeff, now known as Carol, says he found being a man empowering. “Once I realised I wasn’t recognisable and that I could take on a different persona, I really began having fun with it,” (s)he says.

But more of that for another time. A time when Carol will be the last man – or woman – standing…’

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