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This Year’s Green

by | 9th, March 2004

‘REMEMBER when the Green Party was all about tree hugging and David Icke’s conspiracy theories about lizards and how to save a penalty?

Second Coming expected soon

If you do, you need retraining, your mind needs to be realigned to what the new Greens look like and are all about today.

And helping you to look afresh on the political party is Matt Wooten.

The Times say that Wooten is 26 years old, able to identity nearly all the ‘vegetables’ in a McDonald’s salad and the party’s nearest thing to Peter Mandelson.

He plans to revamp the Greens, shaving off the layers of beard, removing sandals and giving things a fresh sunny outlook.

So he’s started with a new logo. It’s a planet, coloured in something the paper calls ‘official hues’, including evergreen, oak-leaf, green, mustard and red wine.

It’s still sounds like one of those McDonald’s salads, but Wooten is upbeat. ‘We found after we had gone for those colours that New York spring fashion week was launched with exactly the same scheme.’

Indeed, the colours have also proved popular for many years with oak trees, jars of mustard and wine manufactures.

The result is that the party’s redesign is certain to achieve the desired result of appealing to traditional Labour voters disenchanted with the Government’s ‘lies and let-downs’.

And bored stupid with red, red and more red…’

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