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by | 11th, March 2004

‘NEWS that four of the United States’ largest internet providers are cracking down on spammers is brought to our attention via the Times.

Spammers, who send unsolicited mail to your e-mail addresses, can now be sued for sending e-mails from fake addresses, for not providing a return address and for not giving the target an option to reject unwanted mail in the future.

Thankfully, we in Blighty can still get lots of emails extolling the virtues of a bigger penis and Viagra.

And the additional benefit is not increased confidence in the locker room and a rampant sex life, but the likelihood that police will have more time to fight real crime and not have to spend hours searching for such items on the web.

That’s, or course, when they are not researching websites for signs of pornography. The selfless bobbies at Scotland’s Lothian & Borders force have been working tirelessly on such a project.

A report in the Independent says that 41 of the division’s officers have been found surfing the web in such a fashion.

The investigation, dubbed ‘Fetishgate’, has also involved some officers sending explicit jokes and messages via internal e-mails.

One hard working officer went even further and reached into his own pocket to order fetish clothing from a website specialising in things for the transvestites.

We can only assume that the officer wanted to go yet deeper undercover and infiltrate mothers’ meetings, women-only yoga classes and such other arenas of crime and depravity.

This dedication to duty has not passed unnoticed by the powers that be, and the Conservative’s chief whip, Bill Aitken MSP, says: ‘Most members of the public would be amazed that officers have time to look at these websites.’

Of course, it’s they that make time. Fighting crime is no nine-to-five job – it’s a vocation that can take over your life.’

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