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Dial 0800 ALIBI

by | 11th, March 2004

‘THE police are both dedicated and exceedingly bright, so trying to pull the wool over their eyes is a waste of time.


But to the cuckolded spouse and the fraught boss the new SoundCover mobile phone programme will be just the ticket.

The Times says that the programme will play background sounds when one is on the phone to add plausibility to any excuse one might have devised.

For starters, there are nine sounds on offer, including “at the park”, “at the dentist”, “on the street”, “roadworks” “thunderstorm” and – for the imaginative blagger – “circus parade”.

These are all well and good, although anyone spending the best part of a tenner to download the service should think twice before paying for “traffic jam”.

Given the popularity of those, finding one of the real things at no additional cost cannot be overly tricky.

However, the “audible alibi” still has value, although the most plausible excuse of all is still hard to beat: the train is late.

Works every time.’

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