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Lap Of Luxury

by | 11th, March 2004

‘ONE would have thought that all the papers would have been queuing up to praise the National Health Service for helping a mental health patient regain her independence and embark on a new and lucrative career.

Posed by supermodel

But it seems that that very much depends on the type of career – and becoming a pole dancer at Spearmint Rhino is not exactly what they had in mind.

The Mail (which bizarrely illustrates the story with a picture of a scantily-clad ‘dancer at Spearmint Rhino’, only to admit in the same breath that the picture is ‘posed by model’) can’t quite decide why it should be outraged, but outraged it is.

‘National Sex Service,’ it mutters, quoting one policeman’s description of the lap dancing establishment in which the unnamed patient works as ‘one of the biggest brothels in London’.

Worse, we hear that Spearmint Rhinos is frequented by footballers and celebrities, including former Westlife singer Bryan McPadding and Blackburn Rovers’ Dwight Yorke.

Even the Star, which one would imagine would applaud any move to boost the number of lap-dancers in the country, labels it a ‘sick idea’.

‘Will the next Secretary of State for Health be…Peter Stringfellow?’

It would certainly make the old TV series Angels a lot more interesting…’

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